Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Links of the day 03/14/2012

  • "As the book I laughed so hard I peed my pants points out with exercises of the pelvic floor even intercourse becomes more pleasurable. The many benefits to exercises, movement, and relaxation techniques never cease to reinforce the theory that fibromyalgia can only be helped if we dedicate ourselves to move beyond the pain and incorporate a regime with daily discipline … "

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  • "(NaturalNews) Some people are literally stumbling through life thinking they are a klutz when really gluten is to blame. Before gastrointestinal symptoms like upset stomach appear, neurological damage may already be done, according to the Center for Peripheral Neuropathy. The Gluten Free Society calls gluten a "potential neurotoxin." Gluten damage may cause everything from unexplained dizziness to numbness in the hands and feet.

    tags: cosmos health food

  • Britain "... lags behind the likes of Hungary, Spain, Greece and Italy."

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