Friday, 9 March 2012

Links of the day 03/09/2012

  • "... whistleblowers have revealed means they are driven to target people with intellectual and mental disabilities as 'easy marks'. Now extend that pattern of behaviour to Workfare, and we will undoubtedly see large numbers of disabled people being forced onto Workfare not because it is in their interest, or appropriate for their disability, but because the JCP employee will be bawled out by their manager if she doesn't mandate another dozen crips before the end of the week"

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  • "It's scary to be sick for months (or years) and not know why. Being given a diagnosis can provide some relief, but when the doctor says you've got a chronic condition that's hard to treat, that relief can be short lived."

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  • "By recreating of one of the most iconic images in British political history, together we can make sure the photos in the papers aren’t of George’s smug face, but of a scene that demonstrates the human cost of the government’s failed austerity policies."

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  • "The Stanford researchers believe that drugs such as naltrexone relieve fibromyalgia pain by changing the way microglia behave. Hypothetically, this could reduce unhealthy inflammation and also make pain killers work better for us."

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  • "One of the first measures to be introduced will be the time-limiting of contribution-based employment and support allowance for claimants in the work-related activity group to one year. This change is due to come into effect in April and the DWP has begun sending out letters to those likely to be affected."

    tags: uk cosmos benefits disability

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