Friday, 2 March 2012

Links of the day 03/02/2012

  • "The 75-year-old Mr Humperdinck, dubbed the “King of Romance”, is thought to be much more effective at negotiations, mainly because he is a likeable, charming crooner best known for his repertoire of inoffensive, middle-of-the-road string of popular hits, unlike Cameron who is a toffee-nosed, arrogant tosser best known for his repertoire of offensive, extremist string of popular failures."

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  • "The group, National Innumeracy, says that the millions of people struggling to comprehend the sheer nakedness of their bank accounts, who also have difficulties in understanding just how much they are being ripped off by utilities providers, are at a distinct advantage to those who fully grasp the mathematical futility of their plight."

    -- There's an element of truth in this!

    tags: uk cosmos

  • "If you’re not angry about the invention of CFS as a diagnostic wastebasket, you should be. It’s not just the human cost. Even if you’re completely unaffected by CFS or ME, the cost to the state is screwing you, too. Your tax money is paying for pseudo research that is of no real benefit to patients, and that could ultimately make patients sicker and more costly to the state."

    tags: me_cfs cosmos

  • "The UK is at risk of breaching international obligations to disabled people, so I'm proud to help safeguard independence"

    tags: uk disability benefits cosmos

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