Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Our First Fur pile


By my calculations this is Doggie Day 13 (lucky for some) and today we had our first full-contact fur pile[1] experience involving all furries.

It was 5 am when I woke up and I thought I may as well do something. So, as I reclined in bed, I got my laptop on my lap ... But then Addie dog wanted to get on my lap too and inserted herself between me and the computer.

Balu then turned up, climbed over the dog to drape himself across my chest with his arms and head on my shoulder, his bum virtually in the dog’s face.

Kitty, meanwhile, snuggled up alongside us, next to the dog, but decided that wasn’t close enough, so she climbed on top of the dog’s back.

And not an eyelid was batted!

(No, I couldn’t get a photo of our actual fur pile, coz a) it was dark and b) as the “furry” at the bottom of the pile, I could no longer move for some reason, but it was something like the above. Vaguely. Ish.)

[1] fur pile: A group of furries, usually taking a rest, that slowly grows with the accumulation of more members.

Image: by Douglas Muth

1 comment:

ronsrants said...

Glad to see everything's harmonious - as it often is if left to their own devices.

I once had a cat that would steal food from the table - that the dog couldn't reach - then share it in the garden.

Got a new powerchair, btw - so far, so impressed.


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