Monday, 13 February 2012

Links of the day 02/13/2012

  • "Hundreds of thousands of disabled benefit claimants in the WRAG have disabilities which will leave us unable to work over periods of years, if not decades. For most of us the reality is that a disability is for life, not just for Christmas, and there is no magical Medical Model fix to make it all go away with a wave of Lord Freud’s fairy wand, nor is DWP’s beloved Bio-Psycho-Social Model (aka the floggings will continue until you admit you’re better) going to make one jot of difference, unless it is to pressure people into damaging themselves further."

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  • "We’ve seen, in the past, just how untrustworthy diagnoses of brain stem death have been, or patients deemed for years to be in a permanent vegetative state turning out to be nothing of the sort – I sure as hell don’t want some transplant surgeon with an ulterior motive pronouncing me “just dead enough,” thank you very much. "

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