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Links of the day 02/08/2012

  • "THOUSANDS of dying people are being sent letters urging them to consider getting a job, it has been revealed."

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  • "... eventually Atos will be sitting in so much S### that they won’t be able to step anywhere without covering themselves in it, well done Atos, keep up the good work…."

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  • "It would also raise revenue to combat poverty and climate change at home and abroad, and help re-balance the economy by making long-term investment more worthwhile than short-term, high frequency trading."

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  • "When you take a drug that makes most people all kinds of loopy and causes obvious impairment, then scientifically demonstrate that our pain is actually harder for the brain to deal with, it says volumes."

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  • "Liverpool have looked to bolster their attack by signing the Anfield cat, who showed much more promise in the one minute he was on the pitch against Spurs on Monday night than Andy Carroll has all season."

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  • "CFS sufferers are driven to suicide by loneliness and self-doubt, which arrive part and parcel with the disease itself. Although they are ill with a debilitating flu-like illness every day of their lives, neighbors and even friends and family insist they look “just fine.”"

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  • "For most patients, CFS is a one-way ticket to hell. The affliction is acute and mostly incurable. Horrifically, it takes away even life's littlest pleasures. According to many interviews and hundreds of e-mails I have received since first covering the disease, sufferers are hit first with symptoms of what seems to be flu. Sometimes there is a short, deceptive remission — sometimes two or three. Then the pattern emerges of collapse after every exertion, especially exercise. Finally, it is full onset: There are no more normal days, only different degrees of weakness, pain and other symptoms. Doctors term the disease relapsing and remitting. That means you might have weeks, months or years of slightly better days, and then stretches — often years, sometimes decades — of almost total helplessness. It is goodbye to the life you have known; to work, to hobbies, to lovers and spouses, to everything short of hope. "

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  • tags: cosmos me_cfs

  • "All in all, I am very satisfied with this visit, i think that I made an impact on this student and that I haven't wasted my time. However I feel that so much more needs to be done, at a global level. We can only hope that the newer projects, notably the Chronic fatigue Initiative (I hate the name) will help break down barriers and get us some help. "

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  • "Ever wondered why we're all in so much debt? This 3 minute video explains the root of the problem and what we need to do to end the debt crisis..."

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  • "When it comes to diets, cookies and cake are off the menu. Now, in a surprising discovery, researchers from Tel Aviv University have found that dessert, as part of a balanced 600-calorie breakfast that also includes proteins and carbohydrates, can help dieters to lose more weight -- and keep it off in the long run."

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  • "See Fibromyalgia is a "syndrome". The condition that caused my strokes (RCVS) is a "syndrome". Hell even SIDS is a "syndrome" (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). And AIDS, oh yes, AIDS is indeed a "syndrome" too. All the word syndrome denotes is, "A set of signs and symptoms that tend to occur together and which reflect the presence of a particular disease or an increased chance of developing a particular disease."* That is all. It does not mean it is not real. It is not imaginary or make believe or fantasy. It simply means they don't know the cause of a specific set of symptoms but the same symptoms are prevalent in enough people to assess there is actual illness causing these symptoms. So they give it a name and slap syndrome on the end of it and set out to research the cause of these symptoms. Sometimes they find it, as in AIDS, the cause is HIV. But sometimes they don't. Or it takes generations of patients morphing into an epic health crisis to really push them to source the root cause. The word syndrome will continue to be used in the medical community to denote an illness of unknown origin. And it will still be used by society to label things they cannot explain. But please, my friends suffering with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, don't think for one second your illness is any less real than a stroke-causing, baby-suffocating, deadly virus. It is not killing us, but man oh man is it real!"

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  • "According to the DWP's own research, 35,000 people who put in their claim before May last year are still waiting for a medical assessment to determine whether they should receive the benefit. "

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  • "This is a far cheaper, far more humane way to tackle the problem. Rather than locking up 100,000 criminals, the Portuguese are working to cure 40,000 patients and fine-tuning a whole new canon of drug treatment knowledge at the same time."

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