Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Doggie Day 6


(Addie just after having her face washed and her hair brushed this morning.)

Last night, as I lay dozing in front of the TV, Addie had draped herself across my body, so she could get herself into a good position for watching!

This morning when I woke up, Addie was curled up in front of me, Kitty was sat next to my pillow; there were about 18 inches, at most, between them. I was late getting breakfast, again, so Balu was doing his usual tantrum-like performance where he jumps up on the bed (this was between Addie and Kitty), paws me, whines insistently, stomps about on the bedside table (knocking things flying), jumps down, jumps up … rinse, repeat.

Balu would try the patience of Job, let alone mine, when he wants something, but placid dog just lay there and ignored the little bugger.

Meanwhile, later on in the “dog” bed:


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