Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Doggie Day 5


(Addie wearing Balu’s “tough guy” biker cat jacket and from the look on her face, I’d say she doesn’t approve. It’s not pretty and girly enough, is it?)

Putting the dog bed (with Addie's fleece in it) next to my bed was a good idea after all - this morning, two cats got out of it when I got up. Smile

Later, Addie was snuggling up to the warm bed lump again, which, this time, was Kitty and the cat made no attempt to move away from her.

And I went out to the doctors in the afternoon, only for an hour or so, leaving Adele and the cats alone together for the first time.

Amazingly, when I got home I still had two live cats and one unharmed, calm dog. She didn’t seem either worried or disturbed by having been left, nor was she excessively excited when I came back. This is good.

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