Monday, 13 February 2012

Doggie Day 4

Day 4 began with Kitty curled up on one side of me, the dog on the other & a purring Balu up on my chest and shoulder, with a dog's nose up his arse. He couldn’t have cared less! Later, Balu got under the bedcovers to sleep and Addie curled up around the warm lump. All’s well methinks.

After lunch, I took Addie into the village on the bus with me. First time ever on a bus. Tiddly bit apprehensive, so I just held her tight.

imageFor a girl, she’s singularly unimpressed with going shopping, even though it was all for her. Smile 

Two pet shops later and despite her impatience, we had a cute funky pink & brown harness and matching lead set, a ton of her favourite treats, biscuits & chews, wipes and other paraphernalia.

Kitting out a child might be a tad cheaper, but I’m perfectly happy.

It’s very easy to tell when Addie is cold or has had enough walking – she stands up on her hind legs and *asks* to be picked up, just like a toddler might do. And I had to do that quite a lot! My back is killing me today, but I can think of worse reasons for it. She slept well when we got home!


The Mad Cat Lady said...

Darn. I was expecting a photo! :)

Pamela Heywood said...

LOL Sorry, I haven't yet mastered the art of juggling toddler dog and a camera at the same time while out. I will take pics in her new harness in due course.


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