Sunday, 12 February 2012

Doggie Day 3

imageNumber of cats eaten by dog: 0 Number of dogs mauled by tigers: 0

Reckon this is going quite well then still! Smile

The only “minor naughty”, so far: I heard a crunching noise and looked round to catch Kitty with her arse in the air and her snout in the dog food! Yes, that’s gone in the cupboard.

The “major naughty” is, of course, that I am breaking the #1 golden rule of dogs. You should, never, never, did I mention never … allow a dog on your bed. Well, not if you want to remain pack leader, but then was I ever going to be?

Anyway, yesterday’s “short” cuddle during the day turned into a long one when I fell asleep after lunch. Must be all this fresh air and exercise. And, despite only waking up at 7 pm, I also promptly fell asleep again while we were cuddling watching TV later. So I woke up this morning – pardon the image – flat out on my back, with a dog between my legs.

As soon as she realised I was awake, Addie walked up over my stomach to come and tell me that it was well past time to get up. It was no surprise that she was going to walk all over me, maybe not literally though, was it? Smile

Morning routine now: get up, feed cats, have a pee, take dog for a pee, give dog breakfast, get my own breakfast (see, I already know my place in the pecking order!), then give the dog her morning wash and brush.

First thing I had all three of them milling about my feet in the kitchen and nobody was bothered that the other was there: the cats were too interested in getting their breakfast and Addie, probably, in getting out to the loo.

The cats have been out too, twice, this morning and they haven’t left home, so I figure they’re really not bothered by the new family member.

As I was brushing her this morning, with Addie on the bed so I didn’t have to bend over too far, Balu turned up. He loves being brushed and it is his brush after all, so I brushed him for a bit, then brushed Addie again, then Balu … all the while with them happily standing together on the bed. Result!

This morning I did the bum sniffing introductions again, this time with Kitty and, once more, both parties were perfectly relaxed about it.

Even I’m surprised at how quickly this is going, but I’m not about to leave them unsupervised yet. Mind you, I do think I should open a book on how long it will take before we have interspecies cuddle-puddles! Smile

(As an aside, I have to mention that Addie is so well bred that even her poo doesn’t stink! Smile No really, it doesn’t. She produces them like clockwork and we take them to offer in the little box at the end of the road and I don’t find them the least bit offensive. Wish I could say the same for the cats!)

Right now Adele is laid out beside me, fast asleep. She’s not too posh to snore though!

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