Saturday, 11 February 2012

Doggie Day 2

imageTotally uneventful night. Gave Adele a chew at bedtime in her bed, after moving it to the corner of my room so she could be near me, but she was not at all impressed with that and went off back to the living room to sleep on the end of the sofa, where I found her still this morning.

I’d put newspaper down by the back door, just in case, but she didn’t need it.

Took her out first thing and within yards she performed all the necessary ablutions. We walked a little bit further, then we came home, she had a biscuit or two, then I let her sniff Balu’s bum – by way of a “formal animal introduction”, you understand. Neither of them was at all bothered by it and Balu has been walking in and out past her quite normally today and even jumping up on the bed right next to us and there’s been no growling.

Exactly what I expected mind you. If Balu was happy to tussle with a Shep / Presa / Rottie type mutt, he ain’t gonna be phased by a Cavalier. Especially not one that weighs less than he does, even if she does borrow his stuff!

Addie did seem to want to be near me, so – for now – I’ve let her come up on the bed (where I’m reclining because my back is hurting too much to be anywhere else) and you see the lump in the covers immediately to the right of her bum? That’s Kitty. I don’t think Addie had a clue she was there, or she didn’t care and Kitty only hissed a couple of times, but didn’t move.

Later, they were sitting either side of me – with the laptop in the middle – and they just sat and looked at one another. No barking, no growling, no hissing, no spitting and swearing. I reckon this is going pretty well!

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