Thursday, 5 January 2012

Roscón de Reyes


Here’s something I knocked up this morning from this recipe at Simple Spanish Food and it’s a pretty fair imitation of the real thing, if I say so myself and certainly not at all bad for a first attempt.

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ronsrants said...

I've had a bit of a Spanish food thing thing going this year, though after making an absolutely traditional Fabada Asturiana, I decided to skip tradition and just go with the ingredients and my own recipes (fatty, boiled, belly pork is deeply naff), though I do a pretty mean Morcilla de Burgos (made in a loaf tin, as so many Brit butchers do with black pudding).

A slice of that, lightly fried, with a couple of fried eggs, is a pretty good meal. The recipe has been through a couple of revisions, the most important one being frying off the onions (soft and sweet, not browned), in small batches gives much tastier results and a lower fat content.


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