Monday, 30 January 2012

Links of the day 01/30/2012

  • "Are these arsewipes serious? In what even approximately sane universe does being on benefit mean you are subjected to conditions normally imposed on convicted criminals? And not just the claimant, but their partner?"

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  • " The true cost of the London 2012 Games for the UK taxpayer comes in at over £12 billion, £2.7 bn more than the 9.3bn budget, a Sky investigation has revealed.

    And yes, that is 6 times the number the lying scum told us it would be before they bid for the damn foolery. Jeebus, do we really need to pay £12 billion to give athletes a drugs and sex jamboree?"

    Especially when it is claimed there isn't enough money for the truly needy.

    tags: uk cosmos

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