Saturday, 14 January 2012

Links of the day 01/14/2012

  • "As I hope to show here, anti-intellectualism is deeply rooted in the political history of Britain and has long performed a strategic conservative ideological function – which is to shield the status quo from systematic criticism."

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  • "Lib Dem peer Lord Phillips of Sudbury told a meeting of legal experts they could "reasonably expect major changes to the bill". He added: "There is no doubt that, if the government doesn't make major concessions, there'll be votes on amendments in the House of Lords and the government will lose. I can promise you that.""

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  • "According to recently reported research, patients with chronic pain require special consideration for pain management following any type of surgery."

    As I've been saying for years and why I've walked out on surgery in the past because the matter was dismissed by medical staff who would not make any special considerations.

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  • "The most common type of drug doctors prescribe for fibromyalgia is antidepressants, and that confuses a lot of patients. Why would their doctor give them antidepressants for a pain condition? Does the doctor think the symptoms are all in their heads? Does he/she think they're "just depressed"? Or is there some scientific reason behind it?"

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  • "A Letter taken from the Guardian, makes fascinating reading…"

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