Monday, 9 January 2012

Links of the day 01/09/2012

  • From the Many-a-true-word department:

    "One of the Prime Ministers closest aids commented ‘You have no idea how difficult our job is when faced with somebody of his background and upbringing. His Bullingdon background has shielded him from exposure to minorities and part of his psyche does not accept their existence. That belief, together with his strong sense of superiority makes it so difficult to temper his outbursts."

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  • "Some people can’t take a joke. Parodies of films and music need to be protected from legal claims by copyright owners who want to shut people up. Copyright law needs a sense of humour"

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  • "Agree completely: the government's policies on disability have been disastrous.
    It accuses other people of being fraudulent, when they themselves do little else but lie and cheat people out of social security. I think the report holds a mirror up to Parliament, and shows its treatment of the disabled up for what it really is."

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  • "We can now see that the government acknowledges that Atos are failing in their contract, appeals are increasing, the company is cutting costs and it’s the public who is suffering, not the politicians who introduced this mess, we need to increase our joint campaigning powers to get the government to end this farce of a contract."

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  • "The author of a hard-hitting new report says government consultation on 'disastrous' welfare changes has now been shown to be 'a sham'.

    A leading disability campaigner, author of a hard-hitting new report on Disability Living Allowance reform, says government consultation on 'disastrous' welfare changes has now been shown to be 'a sham'.

    The report 'Responsible Reform', published today (9 January 2012) finds that government has misled MPs and peers over the hostility to disability benefit reform.

    It is being presented to parliament as members of the Houses of Commons and Lords return to Westminster to debate the final stages of the controversial Welfare Reform Bill."

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  • "Responsible Reform? #spartacusreport
    Timed to coincide with the return of the Welfare Reform Bill to the House of Lords, today sees the formal launch of the report 'Responsible Reform'. Written, researched, funded and produced by sick and disabled people, our friends and family, Responsible Reform is a detailed investigation into the government's consultation on DLA reform which ended in February 2011. "

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  • "A disabled councillor has decided to step down in protest at Government plans to abolish Disability Living Allowance (DLA).
    Ollie Flitcroft, a wheelchair-user, is one of the first Conservatives to criticize ministers publicly for targeting disabled people disproportionately with cuts."

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  • "London Mayor Boris Johnson is just one of thousands of individuals and organisations whose overwhelming opposition to axing disability living allowance has been grossly misrepresented by the government in an effort to force through the highly controversial change. "

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