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Links of the day 01/08/2012

  • "
    At the moment, if you receive contributory ESA (based on your NI contributions), you get around £90 a week and are eligible for that until you reach State Pension age. Now, you will lose your entitlement to it after a year. So, if you work for 40 years and pay tax and NI for all that time, you will only, when you need it most, get a year's support if the Government plans become law."

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  • "If disabled people don't get the help we need to pay for support, appropriate equipment, transport and so on, then depending on our cirucmstances and personal priorities, then we will be forced to

    Do much less. Go out less, have less social contact, quit our jobs, get less exercise, shop less, cook less, maybe eat less and certainly wash less. None of this is good for our physical or mental health. Our worlds will shrink and our health, happiness and life expectancy will adjust accordingly. "

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  • "The Tories know that what they are spouting is economically and politically untrue. The Tories want to create a nasty narrative of hatred towards the unemployed, to blame individuals for their situation, despite global economic problems, and to divide and rule workers. This is easier than creating jobs and helps justify the vile decisions they’re taking which plunge individuals and families into abject poverty."

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  • "An Israeli company named Wilook thought that if users have spent their entire life on Facebook, they have the right to post their last status update or publish a sweet video message to their friends and followers. The Facebook app “If I Die On Facebook” is the first and only Facebook application that lets “you” create a video or a text message that will only be published after you die. Super creepy!"

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  • "“The Mayor is opposed to using independent healthcare professionals to provide advice on an ‘individual’s condition’. Supporting evidence should only be sought from healthcare professionals who are familiar with the individual, for example their GP or Consultant. They will be familiar with the claimant’s case, the barriers they face and will be much more aware of their particular circumstances.”"

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  • "A group seeking to see UK politics with the clarity of 2020 vision."

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  • "Low levels of vitamin D already are associated with a cavalcade of health woes from cardiovascular diseases to neurological ailments. This new study -- published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings -- helps clarify a debate that erupted after smaller studies produced conflicting results about the relationship between vitamin D and depression. "

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  • ""This comment comes in the middle of a piece about a fairer Britain. How fair is Britain going to be for disabled people if this is the lead we get from Downing Street?""

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