Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Links of the day 01/04/2012

  • " In my opinion, the Internet's hidden treasure for those suffering from chronic pain and illness are these Facebook Groups."

    tags: cosmos health

  • "YOU are viewing the big hole in the ground which will become the Weymouth Sea Life Tower. The rotating tower will provide views over the Olympic Park and the waters of Weymouth Bay where the sailing competitions will be held. Either that or else the big Olympic hole will be filled with your tax money…"

    tags: cosmos

  • "Deciding whether or not to eat meat or fish is ultimately a personal choice, although working out where the food you eat has come from is key to understanding your personal environmental impact. What remains a fact is that over-consumption of meat has significant ramifications, not only for the environment but also for our health"

    tags: cosmos food environment

  • "Simple living isn’t about ‘giving things up’ and adopting strict rules about what we can and can’t have."

    tags: cosmos

  • "The study, in the American Journal Of Epidemiology, looked at 4,600 people with cancer over 30 years, and found that whether they were extrovert or neurotic, their attitude to life had no relationship with how long they survived their illness."

    tags: cosmos

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