Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to…give your wardrobe a green-over

1. Empty wardrobe
Give yourself at least two hours to complete the task. Start by completely empting your wardrobe. You may as well give it a dust and a spruce up now you have the chance and hang a few scented wardrobe fresheners.
2. Create four piles
Your four piles will consist of:
• Items you wear
• Items you do not wear
• Items you do not wear but have value (sentimental or financial)
• Items you’re not sure about
3. Organise
• Put the items you do not wear but have sentimental value in a bag and store.
• Think about selling the items of value on an online selling site or take to a second-hand designer clothes shop (you may get more for your money here).
• For items you aren’t sure about, be realistic. If you haven’t worn that item in the last six months (seasonal and black-tie clothing aside), you’re not likely to wear it in the future so pop it in the bag for the charity shop.
• Restock your wardrobe with the pieces you wear in item order: i.e. tops, jeans, suits, dresses, skirts, shorts etc. Put the items you wear most to the front and centre.
4. Coordinate
Group colours together within your item sections. For example, white tops, jeans, dark suits, black tops.
5. Recycle
Walk to your local charity shop and donate the clothes you don’t wear to a worthy cause.

Read the full article at The Ecologist …

Note to self: Step 1 seems to be taking 2 years. Get on with it!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Roscón de Reyes


Here’s something I knocked up this morning from this recipe at Simple Spanish Food and it’s a pretty fair imitation of the real thing, if I say so myself and certainly not at all bad for a first attempt.


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