Friday, 30 December 2011

Links of the day 12/30/2011

  • "The feebleness, impotence and tardiness of the Government in dealing with the banks could hardlybe more starkly highlighted. Everyone (almost) agrees that the UK finance sector is far too big – its liabilities equal 5 times Britain’s GDP – and the economy urgently needs to be rebalanced away from the City towards a revival of manufacturing. So what happens? The Government sets up the Vickers Commission which takes a year to come up with the wrong policy and then the Government takes another 6 months to confirm the wrong Vickers conclusions. "

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  • "Professor Simon Wessely once again attempts to defend what has already been shown to be indefensible, namely his own beliefs about the nature of ME/CFS, including his belief that graded exercise therapy (GET) has “an impeccable safety record” (Simon Wessely; Health in mind and body; The Journal of the Foundation for Science and Technology: 2011:20:7: 9 –11).

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  • "In a speech on exports and growth on 10th November 2011, David Cameron went “off-script” and revealed his government’s true agenda for the NHS. "

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  • "It is clear that there are a large number of abnormalities in multiple body systems in ME/CFS patients. These abnormalities centre around the nervous, endocrine and immune systems and the way these interact with each other. Although these abnormalities have been identified it is still unclear which are causes and which are effects. New research will hopefully shed more light on this but until then doctors who are seeing the best results with patients seem to be those who take a multifactorial approach and try to correct as many of the abnormalities discussed as they possibly can, using currently available treatments."

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  • "Serious doubts have emerged about crucial statistics used by the minister for disabled people to justify the government’s sweeping disability living allowance (DLA) reforms."

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  • "Conclusion: Pacing offers practitioners an additional therapeutic option which is acceptable to the majority of patients and can reduce the severity of the exertion-related symptoms of ME/CFS."

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  • "If you want to get email, Facebook, driving directions, and other web features on your phone, you can cheat a little bit and get them through SMS messages. Here's how. "

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  • "People often assume that medicine can cure M.E, or at least keep it under control. Unfortunately, they are wrong. "

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  • "Despite the hype, the figures show the claimants in a different light. According to the government, who should know about these things, the Incapacity Benefit ‘Fraud and Error’ figure is 2.4%. Of this 2.4%, only 0.3% is down to fraud. This amounts to a loss of £20m. The rest is down to customer error (0.9% or £50m) and official error (1.2% or £70m). It would appear that not that many people are faking a sore back or depression after all."

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  • "The requirement for a blood test after a rabies vaccination to prove it has been successful will be dropped for those travelling within the EU, although both they and travellers bringing pets back from other countries with "robust" veterinary systems such as the US and Australia will still have to wait 21 days after vaccination before departure."

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