Friday, 9 December 2011

Links of the day 12/09/2011

  • "‘By giving them a large cage, food three times a day and a walk at lunchtime, we are providing a standard of living way above that provided in a care home.’"

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  • "Beginning on Monday 12th December and running up until Christmas benefit claimants, disabled people and supporters will be ringing both local and national Atos Offices to complain about their obscene treatment of sick and disabled people."

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  • "We have long advocated for the potential benefits of supplementation with vitamin D3, not D2, in persons with musculoskeletal pain. While some authors claim the formulation of vitamin D does not make that much difference, recent feedback from an UPDATES reader, plus a research summary by two experts, point toward D3 as the definite choice."

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  • "Many people are ignorant of disabilities, and many disabled people have fluctuating conditions that have a huge effect on how much they can do. Most people with chronic or painful conditions have to weigh up the costs of doing any activity. For some, managing at home is tiring, and just trying to cook or look after themselves can be exhausting on bad days. On rare good days, going out and doing things like going to the pub, playing outside with the kids or spending a day out with friends – even in a wheelchair or using crutches – can cause pain and fatigue the next day and beyond. Someone in good health can go outside on a whim, but for some severely disabled people many factors must be taken into account first, including the weather, the terrain, the amount of sleep they've had, the balance of their pain medication and the equipment and assistance from people they need to get around."

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