Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Links of the day 11/16/2011

  • "The event is to highlight the ongoing scandal of food waste in the UK. Despite the rising price of food, the average British households still bins £5o worth of food every month. Add together the food wasted by households, supermarkets, or rejected by retailers at the farm gate, and we throw away around half of the country’s food. In a world with a billion hungry people, it’s a crazy situation to be in."

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  • "The Scottish government commissioned the Scottish Public Health Network to undertake an assessment of services for those with ME and CFS. The end result is that ME be separated from CFS, with ME sufferers being diagnosed using the Canadian Consensus Criteria and those with CFS diagnosed using the NICE Guidelines. This is what ME advocates have screamed out for and is a major shift within the government-medical establishment."

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  • "The Government's contract with Atos Healthcare requires that doctors are used to assess claimants with conditions that are likely to have complex central nervous system examination findings.

    The majority of claimants with CFS/ME do not exhibit such signs and therefore CFS/ME is not on the list of conditions that are required to be assessed by a doctor. However, if a claimant with CFS/ME has neurological signs, they will be passed to a healthcare professional with the requisite expertise."

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