Thursday, 20 October 2011

Links of the day 10/20/2011

  • "The Bank of England has instead opted to print money as it recently announced another £75 billion of electronic money printing that the fractional reserve banking system would eventually leverage to over £1 trillion, for the primary objective for the monetization of government debt, i.e. the same policy that the Weimar republic had been engaged in on its path towards hyperinflation. "

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  • "David Cameron would have us look back to the days of the British empire with pride. But there is little in the brutal oppression and naked greed with which it was built that deserves our respect"

    tags: uk cosmos

  • "if you think that could never happen here, just consider the Cameron government’s persecution, demonisation and criminalisation of the chronically sick and disabled, turning us into a class of officially sanctioned hate figures, and making us targets for every passing Daily Mail reading psycho, as evidenced by the rise in violence against disabled people. Our position, right now – and I know I’ve said this before, repeating it doesn’t make it any less true – is analogous to that of the Jews in mid thirties Germany."

    tags: uk cosmos

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