Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Links of the day 10/04/2011

  • "Clearly, the policy is a pre-conference gimmick, built on a shoddy evidence base. It will make no significant in-roads into ballooning waiting lists, rising homelessness, record low rates of residential construction or unemployment in the building trade. Let’s hope it follows ‘houseboats for the homeless’ as a policy hastily constructed and even more speedily dropped."

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  • "The government has hit back at suggestions that the Big Society is just a meaningless gimmick.

    “The Big Society isn’t just about charities doing the work that it already does, but with less funding,” insisted a government spokesperson.

    “It’s also about making public sector workers redundant and getting someone to do their jobs for free.”

    “It’s about the Prime Minister taking off his tie, rolling up his sleeves and telling other people to get their hands dirty.”"

    tags: uk cosmos politics

  • "The supermarket’s lobbying campaign continues at this week’s Conservative party conference, where last night it was the sole sponsor of the Conservative Councillors’ Association reception. "

    Another reason not to shop there.

    tags: uk cosmos politics

  • "Over one hundred organisations, doctors, nurses and prominent campaigners have signed a letter to the British Medical Journal Group, calling on them to end all business relationships with the conteroversial disability and health testing firm Atos Healthcare. "

    tags: cosmos uk benefits atos

  • "Transport Secretary Philip Hammond even admitted to fares being “eye-wateringly expensive” and the railways as being a rich man’s (sic) toy, as if this had nothing to do with him."

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