Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Land That Time Forgot


Clearly I do not fit into this area; I’m too young, I do not wear beige nor have a blue rinse and you’ll never catch me among the starched old biddies who overdress to visit the rather too high profile Conservative Club in the high street. And I sure as hell won’t be starting to read the Daily Mail! 

Well I don’t feel as though I fit into Britain anywhere, but certainly less so in this area, which I have often referred to as “The Land That Time Forgot” and here’s a typical example of the phenomenon:

On the (anti-)social calendar locally for today, Tuesday, September 6th, is "HEINKEL, HITLER AND THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN" :  THE PROBUS CLUB OF THE NEW FOREST. No, sorry, I’m not giving any exact details, because I wouldn’t wish to inadvertently encourage anyone. Hell, isn’t it time that people in Britain moved on from their unhealthy obsession with WWII?


ronsrants said...

"Hell, isn’t it time that people in Britain moved on from their unhealthy obsession with WWII?"

High time? Yep. Gonna happen? Nope. But, oh god, it's high time we let it go.

Problem is, of course, that as a country we've amounted to so little since on the international stage, apart from occasional blips, a certain class of person has no option but to cling on, no matter how vicariously, to past glories.

Right now we'd probably be hard-pressed to win a war against the Isle of Man (note for jingoists - that's a joke - for now).

Pamela said...

All the time I lived abroad I kept my money in the Isle of Man and, likely will again, so I know which side I'll be on. ROFL!

Yes, as you say, a certain class just has to cling onto it and there sure are a lot of that class in this area.

ronsrants said...

Oh, the buggers are everywhere!

There's a local magazine here called "Champions" that is deeply mired in WWII and barely strays out of the fifties.


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