Sunday, 18 September 2011

Links of the day 09/18/2011

  • "Rough sleepers are being turned into "modern-day slaves" by criminal gangs operating across the country, according to one of the UK's leading charities helping people living on the streets."

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  • "November 2012 will see the election of 41 new Policing and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), directly elected by the residents of each police area outside London, who will hire and fire chief constables, decide the policing priorities for each area and take over the Home Secretary’s job of setting the budget for each force."

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  • "NICHOLAS Robinson was handed a 6 months’ prison sentence for rioting. He admitted to being “ashamed of his actions“. The water retails at £3.50. Anderson Fernandes, 21, stole two scoops of ice-cream in a cone and handling a stolen vacuum cleaner. He was given a 16-months prison sentence.

    Around that time, Lord Hanningfield was relieved from prison, where he served 9 week of a 9 months sentence for nicking £14,000 in a a fraudulent parliamentary expenses. Says Hanningfield: “I did nothing wrong.”

    This kind of thing is rife "

    tags: uk cosmos

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