Monday, 12 September 2011

Links of the day 09/12/2011

  • "Government figures (pdf) last week showed another worrying rise in homelessness – a 17% rise on the same quarter last year in the number of homeless households owed an accommodation duty by their local authority, to 11,820. Homelessness-in-LondonAfter many years of decline, all the major homelessness indicators are on the rise."

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  • Tried this recipe a few weeks ago and it's now become a regular. It is delicious. It also freezes pretty well and improves with keeping.

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  • "All that this country has held dear for 65 years – education for all, our NHS, decent jobs and pensions in retirement, a future for our kids – is under attack. It is under attack by a government with no mandate and a feral ruling class that is being allowed to duck its duty to society."

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  • "Do you know anyone under the age of 25 who owns shoe polish, or an iron? "

    What utter fucking bollocks! I'm over 50 and don't own shoe polish or an iron - or, for that matter, any *pretty dresses* - but while my wardrobe is quite deliberately sloppy (mostly, in my case, because my disabilities don't allow me to wear tailored or restrictive clothes), my mind certainly isn't. So I'll give you a reason that's far closer to the truth about why people riot: it's because they're being thoroughly shafted by a country full of Daily Mail reader types who couldn't give a flying fuck about them.

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  • "Millions of families are facing the same nightmare. If they aren't facing it now, it seems from my experience that they're just one eviction notice away from disaster. You can work, you can do your best, you can juggle and duck and dive, but there's just nowhere to live. If there is, in many parts of the country, you can't afford it anyway."

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