Sunday, 4 September 2011

Links of the day 09/04/2011

  • "If anyone has a psychological problem, it is Wessely, who can’t seem to stop harming the patients he says he has tried to help. Instead of accepting the ridicule and threats that ANY and EVERY controversial researcher is bound to get, he turns up the pressure on millions of patients, who by and large have never been militant in their lives, who would never consider sending death threats. We have every right to protest and make complaints when he is harming patients. Shame on him for publicizing the extremes and making it sound like we’re a bunch of terrorists. He has once again added to the stigma we face, and all because he is a SORE LOSER, who refuses to admit that he is wrong, even in the face of hard science."

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  • "Jet streams and ocean currents ensure that British weather is some of the most changeable on Earth"

    No, really? Who would have guessed, eh? Geez, this looks like it's working up to be a slow news day.

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  • "He intended the meal to be a special surprise for his elderly mother."

    Coincidentally, I'm going mushroom foraging later this month! :)

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  • "... the export of DLA (care only) is apparently being paid by UK in other European countries only if and for as long as entitled to a UK contributory benefit such as IB or contributory ESA. "

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ronsrants said...

Someone - James the 1st I think - observed that we don't have a climate here, we simply have weather. Perfectly true.

Yesterday, hear on the coast (Wirral), it was cold and wet all day long, while not so very far away people were basking in blazing sunshine.

And when backpacking the Cleveland Way in the late seventies, I set out in scorching, early-summer sun, in shorts and suitably thin shirt (hot work, backpacking), only to run into cold, wet, fog, and a blizzard - all on one day in late May.

ronsrants said...

Oh damn - not hear on the coast - here, for pity's sake!


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