Friday, 2 September 2011

Links of the day 09/02/2011

  • Yes, but how often does he say something then do the opposite?

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  • "Guardian: * Comment is free The notion of Britain as a property-owning democracy is in tatters. Homelessness up, housing benefit claimants up, home ownership declining. top income deciles get richer, while the lowest ones get more deprives. Bodes well for a HPC, but ... ugly."

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  • "The 2009 Welfare Act changed the rules about benefits for lone parents, and transferred a large group from Income Support to Jobseeker’s Allowance; as a result, they have to be available for employment and actively seek work. Now, for people who have been victims of domestic violence, these rules may be difficult or impossible to comply with."

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  • "Job centres are to face spot checks about their treatment of disabled people claiming employment and support allowance (the replacement for incapacity benefit). Occupational health expert professor Malcolm Harrington, who has been charged by the government with reviewing the much-hated work capability assessment for ESA, told BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme yesterday he would be visiting job centres to see how far his recommendations to date were being implemented.
    Part of this would involve assessing how far job centres were becoming "more human" in their treatment of claimants. Harrington is calling for evidence for his second annual review of the WCA until 16 September.

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