Thursday, 15 September 2011

Battle of the Little Bighorn


Warrin’ is tirin’ even for the feline versions of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.

Yesterday, we were treated to an all-feline re-enactment of the Battle of the Little Bighorn: more of a stand-off really, known as Custer's Last Stand.

Neighbour cat, who just happens to be called Custer, is a lanky young black and white male. He was frolicking in our garden, chasing anything that moved and generally having fun, as they do, but he’s an inquisitive little bugger (follows me around and has been in everyone’s house) and got too close to the glass patio doors. These two idiots, who haven’t yet understood the idea of double-layer laminated safety glass, it seems, hissed and spat and growled and generally got worked up. Kitty even hit the glass a few times.

Eventually, a poor bemused Custer got fed up and walked away to play.

This pair had to come and have a lie down: it was all too much! Smile

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