Friday, 5 August 2011

Wireless Cat

imageA rare technological breakthrough was observed in Dullsville-On-Sea, on the south coast of England today, it has emerged.

The event is thought to be the first ever successful chronometric synchronization of a completely wireless cat with a laptop.

The wireless cat had attempted to synchronize itself at around 17:05 hours, however, this was not allowed and the animal encountered a bad gateway.

The cat then went off in a huff and returned to sleep mode nearby.

However, its next attempt at synchronization was successful. “At the exact moment that the laptop’s internal clock (itself synchronized to the world time server) clicked over to 18:00 hours (otherwise known as dinner time), wireless cat woke up and stretched,” reports our correspondent on the spot.

Usually, these wireless cats make several, repeated, unsuccessful attempts, always out of synch and, so far, had resisted all attempts at resetting them.

This is a first, although it’s not envisaged they will become dependable.

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