Friday, 12 August 2011

Who’s idea was it to make them red?

imagePoor old Alf is not alone. There’s one of these boxes on the main road right by the turning into our estate, so, one day when someone was bringing me home in a car, I instructed them to “turn right at the dog shit box” (as you do) and they had replied something along the lines that they had thought it was a post box.

Hardly surprising, because they are almost indistinguishable.

Whoever decided that these things should be red in the UK, the same colour as the post boxes, needs hanging, or better yet, castrating by the vet.

Whilst I suppose it would be too much to ask that the post boxes be changed to a sensible colour like yellow, why not make the shit boxes brown in keeping with their content, or a nice eco-green perhaps. Red was just stupid.

Then again, expecting common sense here is equally daft!


ronsrants said...

Hmm . . . Never seen a red one. Other colours, yes, but not red.

Anyway, since it has a pic of a dog, not the monarch's escutcheon (anyone from Victoria to ElizabethII depending on age), or the words Royal Mail, or collection times, and is a different shape, it's really not THAT hard to figure out it's not a post box!

The smell of shit is probably a bit of a giveaway too.

Pamela said...

Oh, so what colour are they in your area? Since they are red down here and up in Yorkshire, I assumed that was UK-wide.

Agreed, to anyone under 91 and with good eyesight and smellability, it should be clear UP CLOSE, but making them a different colour would have been a help.

ronsrants said...

I've seen yellow ones (somewhere), can't recall where. Ditto grey ones. Not seen any at all round here - I'll keep an eye open for them.

But, disregarding everything else, there's a DOG on the front. And you open the top to dump the shit. Even for the very old and visually impaired, it doesn't meet any of the requirements for a post box (snails, spider-haunted slot, blank Next Collection time). Sorry, it really doesn't.

I can understand someone driving past one of these things thinking it's a post box, but not up close on foot.

Pamela said...

Actually, the fact that they have lids that lift, instead of a slot, is the only distinction on the the ones around here. They don't have the clue of a picture of a dog on the front, but that's my point, from a distance, everyone thinks they're post boxes. I know it's obvious, to most people, once you get close to them, but why should you have to? Imagine you're driving round and mentally note the presence - OF WHAT - so you can use it later? Being red is just not helpful.


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