Chaos to Cosmos
The path from chaos to cosmos was discovered by telling one's life story

Monday, 1 August 2011

Monday, 1 Aug 2011

‘Effin crap again. Still got flu-like symptoms and inflammation that is notable in my hands and knees. Pain levels are mega with shooting pains and spasms, especially in my thighs. Decided not to take pain killers (Celebrex/Celecoxib) this week as they barely touch the pain anyway, but are almost certainly contributing to an extreme level of constipation, which is itself crippling.

Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011

Overall feeling of inflammation, which is hands is very apparent. Neck ache, back ache, feel sick and exhausted just from making breakfast. Spending the day resting after counselling yesterday.

Wednesday, 3 Aug 2011

Utterly crap, without the crap. Severely constipated again, which is (literally) a severe pain in the rectum. Was overcome with severe sweating and nausea, when I simply tried to go to the loo. Thought I was going to pass out or throw up. Had to crawl back to bed to lie down. My back hurts and I feel very unwell.

Thursday, 4 Aug 2011

Snuffly this morning and have increased nausea again. Took another laxative last night and STILL no result. Hip and back pain is getting really bad.

Friday, 5 Aug 2011

Eleven hours sleep, relatively low pain levels (due to warm, dry weather) and finally went to the loo! It took a 3rd dose of laxatives and wasn’t really worth celebrating, but this is just one example of what happens with medications – for me anyway and perhaps for many people with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) – that we get all the side-effects (for example, pain meds causing constipation) and none of the effects: doesn’t kill pain – indeed, if you add the severe back ache, constipation headache and overall aches from feeling ‘poisoned’ as a result, all pain meds do is increase pain levels, exponentially. Seems incredibly ‘arse backwards’ to me (hence, gave up on them in the end). Still have the headache and now have the shakes from exertion, but it is a mild improvement.

Saturday, 6 Aug 2011

Severe headache, horrible cramps and pain around my butt end, severe backache and crippling nausea. Getting worried that my bowel may be obstructed. Severe pain in lower abdomen. Hip, neck and knee pain increasing again.

Sunday, 7 Aug 2011

Yay, finally! OK, I'll spare you the details. At least the obstruction cleared itself. Now headache has reduced. Neck pain still needs support and still light-headed and dizzy on standing.