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Links of the day 08/14/2011

  • "We cannot replace one opportunist mob with another. This needs to be a time for calm and compassion, for conversation and questioning. Neither the right nor the left can afford to let themselves be blinded by prejudice and anger."

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ronsrants said...

Trouble is, Pamela, that crimes committed while rioting - looting, for example, and even riot itself - have always attracted more severe penalties than the same crimes carried out in different circumstances. It's not THAT long since looters would have been shot on sight, or hanged later.

The point of the severe sentencing is partly deterrent but also to reflect the severity of the crime (civil disorder on this scale simply cannot be tolerated - you cannot destroy people's homes and livelihoods with impunity), and make it perfectly clear that nobody gets to profit from such activity - which is why the water guy got six months when "normal" shoplifting would have got him a fine.

Not saying I agree or disagree - it's just how it is.

No justification at all, though, for evicting people not actually involved.

Pamela said...

It being the way it's always been done, does not, of course, make it right. But in the current climate, the injustice and inequality is highligted, set against the backdrop of MP's looting expenses, corporations looting tax revenue and the robbing banks, most of which is allowed to continue without consequences whatsoever.

ronsrants said...

I rather think comparing the expenses issue with this past week is like comparing apples and oranges. And, of course, MOST MPs, until the goalposts were moved after the investigation, and made retrospective, had don't nothing wrong at all.

But you really can't compare white-collar crime with burning down someone's livelihood and/or home, and putting their lives in danger. Or indeed, with actually killing people, as happened. For me, it doesn't work with looting either, which went hand in hand with the above.

Civil disorder, arson and looting - and murder - is a universe a way from fiddling the exies! Which, as I say, many actually didn't until they were shafted by the rule changes.

ronsrants said...

Another thought. Corporations are doing nothing illegal. Tax avoidance is not tax evasion, which is illegal.

I'm with UK Uncut, in that it's unethical and immoral but - and it's a huge BUT - no laws, national or international, are being broken.

Vodafone's tax avoidance is no more illegal than, say, the Beckhams, living abroad - something very many successful sports and business people do - for tax purposes. It's not just the big conglomerates.


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