Sunday, 7 August 2011

Links of the day 08/07/2011

  • "... because psychiatric masturbation is a lot nicer than being a proper journalist, writing proper articles and making a proper newspaper. "

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  • "Surely it is high time S@P, and the other two rating agencies were brought down, in another age the directors of these company's would have been charged with treason. Prior to the crash of 2008, not one of these agencies down graded the banks who were about to crash the US and European economies. And now, at a time when the world economy is on a precipice, these jerks come out with this. One wonders if their real intention is to tip it off the edge, as one cannot but notice the markets are calling for more government austerity and tax cuts for the wealthy. They have concluded the only way they can maintain their wealth and power, is to ring fence the wealthy, pauperise the masses, and they do not care how they achieve this."

    tags: cosmos

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