Wednesday, 24 August 2011

If I Only Had a Brain

imageSo there I was, standing in the middle of my bedroom for some time. Probably only seconds, but a goodly number of them. I'd had to get up for something and before I did, I'd mentally reminded myself to remember something else. I'd done whatever I'd got up for and was standing there, drinking my lemon water, when I began to have that vague feeling that there was something I was supposed to be remembering. You know: it's the same feeling when you leave the house and know that there's something you've forgotten, but you can't actually identify what it is.

My mind was blanker than the first (or last) page of an unwritten novel, but I eventually remembered that what I'd reminded myself to do was to take my daily handful of various supplements - you know, the ones that I had the lemon water – that I was drinking - to take them with!

Oh yeah, the reason I'd got up in the first place was to get my painkillers out, coz my pain levels have soared once again with the change in weather.

Clearly, the brain fog quotient has increased with it, commensurably!



“Fibromyalgia: turning intelligent people into brainless scarecrows, for centuries.” Oh well, I guess there are some compensations!

1 comment:

cinderkeys said...

I never know what to make it of it when other people's brain fog resembles the way I think all the time.

If I ever become chronically ill, I'll forget how to breathe.


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