Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Healthy Lunch


Consisted of: Co-Op watercress, spinach, red and ruby chard salad with warm chilli dressing; spiced roast sweet potato and butternut squash, plus a slab of Quorn protein pretending to be a chicken fillet slathered with a quick sauce made from a teaspoon each of honey, Dijon mustard, soy sauce and ground ginger, inspired by this recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken Fillets. Simples!

The Quorn thingies truly are a close approximation of a chicken fillet … just so long as you realise that the type they are closest to is this one! Smile

You wouldn’t want to eat them (either type!) without serious disguise, but once they’re masked with the sauce, you soon forget that they’re not really food. Then neither is half the stuff sold in supermarkets these days and, personally I’d sooner eat *plastic* Quorn than 100% water, seriously abused chicken.

My lunch resembles those proportions most days, which would seem pretty good:


WOT no grains like the recommendations? Nope, coz I have a small wholegrain roll each day and prefer to have that on it’s own for “afternoon tea” to space my meals out through the day. I have the regulation size portion of beans with another plate of salad for dinner and, of course, oaty roughage cereal for breakfast.

Can I have my medal for sticking to this regime now? It’s paying off though: I’ve lost another 4 pounds! Only another 32 pounds to go. LOL!

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