Wednesday, 27 July 2011

You gotta love ‘em

imageSo, I have this little “Love” cushion (‘coz it matches another one with cats appliquéd on it). It’s quite small, measuring only 22 cm x 17 cm (just over 8 inches x 6 inches in old money). Yes, I got them for the cats’ beds really, but they’re great as neck support cushions.

Anyway for the last few nights, Sr. Balu has taken to sleeping lengthways next to me on the bed. (While his sister curls up on the other side of me.)

Just joking, as he jumped up onto the bed before preparing to snuggle down last night, I placed this little kitty-sized cushion at the top of the bed, patted it and said to him (as you do), “There you are, there’s your pillow.”

Not thinking for one moment that he actually would, first he lay on his stomach with his chin and paw on it, then he rolled over on his side and lay lengthways, with his head on the pillow like a “normal person”. Winking smile

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