Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pammy gets Personally political

In other news, I've whinged about the state of this dump (the UK) for long enough (and it's still my intention to re-abandon the sinking ship Britannia as soon as if and when I am able), but I thought it was time I actually did something about it - from the inside.

At the last local elections I went out with the intention of voting for the Green Party, however, the list of candidates on the ballot paper included half a dozen Conservatives (hiss, boo) and a LibDem, none of whom I wished to encourage.

Apparently, we didn't have a Green Party candidate at council level in this area, ‘coz nobody had put themselves forward - something I am in the process of rectifying. Well, at least, I've spoken to the local Green Party and joined them and it is my intention to put myself forward for the next local elections.

Of course that’s years off and there’s the minor issue of how does one combine things like canvassing with being mostly bed-bound, but hell, this is 2011 – much of that can be done more effectively on Facebook.

Although I pride myself on being very different to the usual folk around here, it did occur to me that if I felt disenfranchised and lacking the choice I would like to make, then there must be other people who feel that way too.

Encouragingly, my initial local enquiries seem to suggest that this is so.

NB: It goes without saying though – but I’ll say it anyway for the hard of thinking – that my various ramblings and opinions herein are my personal opinions and are not in any way representative of the party.

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