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Monday, 11 July 2011

Monday, 11 Jul 2011

Everything still hurts and it is going to take a long time to shake this level of exhaustion. A very painful IBS attack, with full body spasms, left me with dreadful stomach ache. Pain during the attack was so bad it caused me to cry out. Waves of pain washed over me, making me feel hot, sick and quite faint. Actually, felt as if I might pass out and fall off the loo. Had to hold onto the walls. Still felt very unwell, weak and tired, even after taking a nap.

Tuesday, 12 Jul 2011

Knackered. Neck hurts, shoulders hurt. Left shoulder feels swollen and stiff. Back is in agony. Hips hurt. Legs feel half-dead with pins & needles, knees are very sore and I feel sick. Nevertheless, had to drag myself out to an appointment for Myofascial Release (MFR).

Wednesday, 13 Jul 2011

This time I feel bruised everywhere after the Myofascial Release (MFR) yesterday and, sadly, it has had no positive results. Just did too much, with the journey, when I was already feeling ill. Neck and back hurt badly today, as does hip.

Thursday, 14 Jul 2011

Hip pain is flaring with a vengeance today, which is affecting everything else and making me miserable. Just can’t function – or even think – at all today. Had another very painful IBS attack in the morning, which added to and exacerbated all the other symptoms. Walked to an appointment in town in the afternoon and arrived sweating and unwell. Felt sick on the way and thought I would not make it and would pass out. Was unable to sit comfortably because of the pain. Others witnessed this can could see how bad my symptoms were.

Friday, 15 Jul 2011

Headache; neck, back, hips, arms, hands, knees, legs and feet all in severe pain after outing yesterday. Sore throat and all the usual post-exertional feverishness. Can’t stand – don’t have the energy and am light-headed and unsteady as soon as I try. Feel overwhelmingly sick.

Saturday, 16 Jul 2011

Neck, back and shoulders particularly painful today. Spasms in legs. Stomach ache and headache. Still feel feverish with flu-like symptoms. Feel incredibly unwell. Spent day resting.

Sunday, 17 Jul 2011

Woke up with pain in neck and shoulders, hips, legs, knees and particularly bad I lower back. Utterly fatigued and only able to recline with support.

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