Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Greenwashing an Air Festival

Red Arrows at Bournemouth Air Festival. Spectacular, but definitely not ecologically sound.

If there’s one thing that really, really makes me mad, it’s the deliberately misleading and deceptive practice of greenwashing. And recently I came across what, in my ‘umble opinion, has to be one of the most pathetic attempts at such PR spin ever to be seen in the wild. Bournemouth Air Festival posted a press release in May, entitled:

“Bournemouth Air Festival Goes Green”

… with the sub-title plea for visitors to “Be a Responsible Festival Go-er”; encouraging taking home or recycling their rubbish, using alternative transport, etc., with the aim of making this a ‘zero waste to landfill’ event.”

OK, those are not bad aims, but think about it for a moment: while punters are worrying their little heads about how and where to dispose of their sarnie wrappers, hopefully it won’t be crossing their small minds how many millions of tons of aviation fuel are being burned and polluting the air around them.

Do they think people are stupid? It looks to me like they’re counting on it!

If this wasn’t real, actually, it would be hilariously funny. And, I don’t think military aircraft are equipped to run on re-cycled cooking oil just yet!

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