Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Discovering what you value

imageUsing the The Cultural Dynamics Values Modes Questionnaire, one can discover which of 3 groups; settlers, prospectors or pioneers, one falls into.

These groups are further divided into “The 12 Values Modes - the VMs (pronounced "vims") – [which] form a psychographic classification system based on individuals' Values sets. By the term "Values", we mean that nest of beliefs and motivations - largely subconscious - that underpin our attitudes to everything we encounter.”

My results to the questionnaire identify me as one of The Transcenders:

The leading edge. The Transcenders are the most self aware and contented of the Pioneers, but also the ones most likely to push their perceptual boundaries, in an attempt to gain greater harmony with their own value set and gain connection with others and the environment around them.

They are the “scouts” for the rest of the Pioneers, pushing farther, faster, yet with a “lightness” that is not often felt by the other Pioneers.

For the majority of the time, life is fun. They are intrigued by the unknown, and have a need for openness in their lives. Forgiving of themselves, they are the most likely to be forgiving of others.

I like that, although contented, at the moment, I’m certainly not.

What sort of person are you and what motivates your decision-making?

Via: Adult Care Blog

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