Chaos to Cosmos
The path from chaos to cosmos was discovered by telling one's life story

Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday, 27 Jun 2011

Hell would be more comfortable than the heat and humidity mix in Britain right now. All my joints are groaning and feel swollen. Back and neck hurt. Hands hurt and are throbbing with pain. Couldn’t find a position that was comfortable in bed again last night and consequently didn’t sleep much. My skin is sore everywhere. My toe joint is throbbing with what I can only assume to be gout (this was diagnosed, back in the early 90’s, in Tenerife, tested with high uric acid levels) – this time I certainly haven’t been provoking it with a rich diet nor excess alcohol! The skin on that joint is so sore that I can’t touch it nor put it down, nor let it touch the bedding even. Shoes would kill me. All over allodynia pain is severely heightened again, including a sensitive spot on my belly button (the site of one stitch following a laparoscopy carried out in 1986 – that simply will not heal.)

Tuesday, 28 Jun 2011

Neck ache, back ache and knackered, as usual. Pain in lower legs, ankles and feet – the latter feel as if I’ve walked miles – just from a short walk yesterday.

Wednesday, 29 Jun 2011

Legs don’t want to work, knees swollen, neck hurts and I feel like I’ve been run over by a steam roller again – but then that’s all the default position. Stood for a bit too long – like about 2 minutes – and this made me feel sick and shaky. Had to lie down again to recover and stop the feeling overwhelming me.

Thursday, 30 Jun 2011

Didn’t get to sleep until 4:30am and woke up at 9:15am, so I’m absolutely knackered. Again. Knees feel like they’ve walked miles and are very sore and painful. Also have an awful headache and feel strung out from the lack of sleep. Yet I have to go out to appointments again today – which will mean recovery is going to take days again. Neck is making painful crunching noises. The usual problems walking to counselling appointment – was exhausted by the end of the road, let alone half way – and my shoes ripped holes in my feet again.

Friday, 1 Jul 2011

Usual post-outing problems with pain in legs and feet; back hurts badly, I feel feverish, have a sore throat and a severe headache with nausea. In addition, I feel too weak – as well as it being too painful – to sit up, so once more I have to spend the day lying down or at least reclining on the bed with my legs raised. Arms and wrists hurt too. I can just browse and look at pictures, but I cannot concentrate to read, type or do anything actually productive.

Saturday, 2 Jul 2011

Woke up with a bad headache, painful creaking in my neck and my legs are still suffering from Thursday’s outing. Exhausted. Neck pain and stiffness is resisting meds and I feel like I have a hangover (not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips since forever). Getting up to make food, I felt dizzy, sick and light-headed. The pain and stiffness in my neck is now referring down into my left shoulder, making my left arm weak and giving me pins and needles in my arm and hand (this is not the first time, this arm was affected like this for several months once in the past). Couldn’t do anything constructive today either.

Sunday, 3 Jul 2011

Neck has become really painful and uncomfortable again. Hip and leg pain with the burning feeling right down to the bone, has come back. I was exhausted just from making and eating breakfast.