Chaos to Cosmos
The path from chaos to cosmos was discovered by telling one's life story

Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday, 20 Jun 2011

Aching hands again this morning, as the weather is humid once more. Other pain is spasmodic, rather than constant, which is an enormous, unexpected improvement.

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011

Headache, back ache, neck ache, legs hurt … and a night full of vivid dreams and only light sleep again. Woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept.

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011

Hip and leg pain back up at excruciating level. Neck, back and shoulder pain really bad. Hands and wrists hurt. Knees ache. Exhausted.

Thursday, 23 Jun 2011

Back pain, neck pain and hip pain all dreadful today. Legs hurt and are too weak to hold me up. Knees hurt. Hands hurt. Just want to sleep, but have to go out to a counselling session in the afternoon.

Friday, 24 Jun 2011

Just when you think your meds work: couldn’t get to sleep until 6am. Legs are in agony again after walking yesterday. I made the mistake of walking home from the village as the weather was fine, but it’s clear that this activity always results in a sleepless night and a flare of pain. All symptoms are heightened today and I feel utterly strung out from the lack of sleep. Was unable to do anything all day. Slept all afternoon and all night, after going to bed at around 8pm.

Saturday, 25 Jun 2011

One of THE worst pain days ever: neck, back, hip, legs … my hands are weak and throbbing with pain. Everything hurts and I am so fatigued I can hardly move and when I do, just the shortest walk (to the kitchen) feels like an extreme exertion and just makes me want to lie down again.

Sunday, 26 Jun 2011

Neck and back really painful again. Legs can hardly carry me. Just getting breakfast wore me out. Was only able to recline all day: could not have mustered the physical energy to do anything.