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Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday, 13 Jun 2011

Therapy dog

Woke with horrendous back ache this morning, which was only worsened by one of the most violent IBS attacks ever, with contractions and full body spasms. Felt really weak, exhausted and unwell afterwards with a stomach ache like I’d been kicked by a mule. Had to spend the rest of the day lying down to recover. 

Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011

Crappy night (pun intended) as I couldn’t get to sleep at all because of the back pain. Pain in my hip is bad again. Neck pain has also increased. Sure sign of wet weather on the way again, which, in the UK, is pretty much permanent and situation normal. My body can’t cope with it though. Had to go out to a dentist appointment in the afternoon, despite not being well enough.

Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011

Crap night (again) and slept lightly because of the increase in pain caused by the outing yesterday. Would prefer to stay in bed than to go out today, but have another appointment, this time for Myofascial release. Exhausted before I start.

Thursday, 16 Jun 2011

Hip pain was absent this morning for the first time in over 3 years as a result of the myofascial release (MFR) yesterday. The bad news about this is that the effects only lasted temporarily and the prospect of the bus journey at least once a week, not to mention the £25 - £40 cost each time, makes this not only prohibitive, but also counter-productive. Also sadly, it had no impact on my other symptoms, so joint pain and fatigue were still crippling. Nevertheless, walking was a bit easier for a few days, which was almost like a mini-holiday. Had to go out again this afternoon for a counselling appointment.

Friday, 17 Jun 2011

Was awake at 3am. Less pain than normal, but another bad attack of IBS quickly brought the day back down to normal levels of crapness (pun intended, again). Spent most of the day lying down quietly to recover because the IBS left me feeling sore, weak and feeling unwell.

Saturday, 18 Jun 2011

Exhaustion is the worst symptom today – after too many outings for appointments in a row – so much so that I had to spend most of the day lying down again as I felt so unwell. Otherwise, just nagging pain and stiffness.

Sunday, 19 Jun 2011

Felt too ill to note symptoms today. Spent day in bed.