Thursday, 5 May 2011

What’s the alternative?

imageSo, I went out today with the intention of voting for the Green Party and Yes to AV. My efforts met with only a 50% success, however, as while I was able to vote Yes to AV, I couldn’t vote for a Green Party candidate, coz there wasn’t one.

What I hadn’t realised is that, while we have a Green Party candidate for MP in this area, clearly, there isn’t one at the local council level.

Now, I won’t even pretend to understand the election process as it stands, but I’m certainly convinced I was right to vote in favour of any sort of alternative (pity I’m likely in the minority), because, whatever the system is now, it strikes me as transparently unfair and absolutely loaded in favour of the Tories.

At the polling station I was handed 3 ballot papers. The AV one was simple enough with just yes or no choices (although, I guess that would have been something of a challenge for some of the electorate) and then there were the two other papers to vote for council members of some sort or other.

To be honest I didn’t pay that much attention to what the difference between the two papers was, besides their colour and that for one, it said that I could vote for up to two candidates and on the other up to four. And on the latter, there were a long list of conservative candidates and one LibDem.

Hobsons’s bloody choice then!

There may have been a Labour candidate on one paper, but both were equally Tory-heavy and I decided, by that point, not to encourage any of them.

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