Sunday, 22 May 2011

After the rapture

I laughed so hard, now I need to go change my knickers!

Via: Richard Dawkins Foundation


cinderkeys said...

Oh yeah ... that was supposed to be yesterday. :)

It's easy to laugh, but I just read about some retired guy who spent almost his entire savings on billboards telling everybody about the rapture. Even if they brought it on themselves through their own gullibility, I hope that he and everybody in the same boat as him do OK.

Hey, maybe Camping's nonprofit company will provide some relief for these people. It's the Christian thing to do, right? :P

Pamela said...

Interesting. I read the same report about the guy who spent all that money on the billboards and thought that the decent thing would be if Camping were to see him right, financially. Yeah, you're right, it would be Christian! I don't imagine it will happen and that OUGHT to speak volumes.


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