Chaos to Cosmos
The path from chaos to cosmos was discovered by telling one's life story

Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday, 25 Apr 2011

Yesterday couldn’t keep awake and felt like I was going down with something (flu-like – usual post-exertional malaise). Woke up today aching all over, sore throat, splitting, feverish headache, swollen glands and a COLD SORE. Couldn’t stay awake and fell asleep after I’d struggled with just two hours of semi-consciousness. Woke up for lunch, then went back to sleep again in the afternoon. Woke for a short time in the early evening, but was ready for bed again by 8pm. Felt really unwell, so being asleep was really the only way I could cope with it.

Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011

Slept all night last night, despite sleeping for much of the day yesterday and the day before, but still feel flattened and unwell. Ache and hurt all over and still got the sore throat and feverish headache that always come with Herpes (Cold Sore). Had trouble getting comfortable – legs and foot tender and joints all felt swollen and wanted clicking to release them. Despite this was able to sleep all night.

Wednesday, 27 Apr 2011

Woke up at around 10am – which is perfect for me – but feeling exhausted. Once more I have the sore throat, swollen glands and feverish headache – everything I used to get with tonsillitis, except the pus on the tonsils. Feel generally unwell like with the flu. Ache all over. Joints still feel swollen. Hands tender. Feel nauseas and shaky as soon as I stand up. BUT, I had an appointment with the GP in the afternoon, so was obliged to drag myself out feeling like this. Worst experience of the day was in the Post Office (after I’d been to the doctor). Only one window was open and the employee behind it was chatting, endlessly, to a friend. Even though there was no queue, other than myself (the only reason I even dared risk this), she completely ignored me and the extra wait on the feet caused immense pain in my lower legs.

Thursday, 28 Apr 2011

Ultimate cruel irony: pain meds today are not working against the extreme pain caused by having had to go out yesterday to get my pain meds! Woke up with pain in my knees and lower legs, as is normal after any outing, but I do think it has been made much worse by that standing incident in the Post Office. It is a classic case of society causing disablement. Really need someone to do these jobs for me, or I need someone to push me around in a wheelchair so that I can visit these places. And, it isn’t lunch time yet, but I’m exhausted already, strung out; my eyes are hurting badly, I’m unable to concentrate and have yet another headache. Despite which I have to drag myself out once more for a counselling appointment in the late afternoon that I won’t be able to concentrate at either.

Friday, 29 Apr 2011

Post-exertional crash after the succession of outings is so bad, I couldn’t even update my diary for this day.

Saturday, 30 Apr 2011

Dreadful backache today. Woke up stiffer than usual and my hands were swollen and my rings tight. Joints also felt swollen all over and were painful. Any movement is excruciating.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Everything feels swollen again this morning, especially knees and extremities. Weather dull. Hip pain was bad again. Back pain.