Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day Five: Favourite Food

Galaktoboureko (γαλακτομπούρεκο)The correct answer here really is just “food”, although there’s an enormous list of items that I have to avoid these days, including, ironically (not to mention annoyingly), dairy.

Among proper food, I prefer the pick and mix approach of Japanese sushi, Greek meze, Spanish tapas or Chinese dim-sum to having a whole plate of any one dish.

But, if I have to choose just one absolute favourite foodstuff, then it has to be galaktoboureko (γαλακτομπούρεκο), the Greek semolina-custard pie.

(This is one of a series of posts following this 30 Day Challenge, which really isn’t at all challenging. It’s also quite adolescent, but is just meant as fun.)

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