Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Very British Revolution

In politics, unlike these ponies, things are never simply black and white

I live in Blue-rinse-central, Toryville. Few Tory MPs enjoy a larger majority than mine. It has been said that you could pin a blue rosette on a sheep here, and people would still vote it into power.” - Sue Marsh

… which would be hilariously funny, if it were not also so very true.

The same could be said for this area, which has had Conservative MPs (the current incumbent who’d do away with the The Human Rights Act, probably bring back hanging and the workhouse, is often seen posing with “Dave”) since records began and then some, with only a short Liberal interlude in 1906.

The local councils are much the same – except they could and probably have done from time to time – put said blue rosette on a New Forest pony.

It seems impossible that things will ever change around here, but then, the British are so famous for resisting change, then suddenly giving in.

Photo: Ian Britton

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