Monday, 21 March 2011

nonsensical Census


Ha, great minds think alike, it seems, because the thoughts that ran through my head yesterday as we went through the silly census form were that it must have been designed by a moron.

What use is it – in relation to providing local services today – for them to know what qualifications we left school with? In my case it was long enough ago to be totally irrelevant and in my mother’s case this was well before the war, (I mean WW2, not any one we’re currently fighting.)

Likewise, what good does it do to know about my last job, in 1997, for a company in Tenerife, or my mother’s, in 1984, in a different area of England? And at 87, she’s hardly likely to work again, so no, she wasn’t looking for work last week, nor was she pregnant, but these questions had to be answered!

Useless, pointless and laughably unfit for purpose.

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